Antibacterial Hand Gel – #Freakyclean

Antibacterial Hand Gel – #Freakyclean


Erase your tracks with this gentle but powerful all-natural hand sanitizer!

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Antibacterial Hand Gel – #Freakyclean

Stay on top of cold and flu season, or any season for that matter, with Roxy Grace’s #Freakyclean Hand Sanitizer! Most store-brand hand sanitizers are made with pure alcohol, are loaded with chemicals, and have been shown to create resistant bacteria with long-term use- no thank you! Roxy Grace has created an alcohol-free, all-natural alternative which harnesses the antibacterial powers of tea tree oil to fight germs, as well as aloe vera and essential oils for a gel that leaves hands feeling squeaky-clean without being ashy, irritated, or dry. Simply massage into your hands for a deep-clean that germs and bacteria don’t stand a chance against! Perfect for all ages.

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