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Kids Party Ideas | Girls Gifts & Natural Skin Products

Roxy Grace offers natural skin products that promote creating, sharing & smiling. Contact us today for information about kids party ideas.

Natural Skin Products For Gifts and Parties

At Roxy Grace® and Company, we offer kits to make natural skin products as well as pre-made products. Our products contain 100% natural ingredients, free of synthetics and additives. These products make the perfect girl’s gifts

Our kits make great kid’s party ideas!

When your little girls are having a slumber party and you need something to keep them busy, rely on us. Our kid’s party ideas and party kits include everything you’ll need for the perfect spa party. Included in our kits are everything you’ll need to make lip balms, bath scrubs, bath fizzies, as well as party invitations, take home bags, gift tags and more.

Planning a kid’s party can be overwhelming. Let us help take one thing off of your plate by offering great party ideas! Contact us today for more information!

Body Wash
Single Lip Balm
from 3.50
Lip Balm Trio
from 10.00

Party Kit
Body Scrub Kit
from 32.00
Lip Balm Kit
from 28.00


Kids Party Ideas!
Roxy Grace
® Workshops
Some of you have asked me about having Roxy Grace® Parties or Workshops where you could get together with your friends and make Roxy Grace products. 

For more information please email us at or call 860-965-2204



Our kits are great for Special Occasions, Slumber Parties, or spending a special afternoon with your mom.

They are really easy to use, contain 100% natural ingredients and allow you to earn Roxy Grace Rewards when you perform Acts of Kindness.


Roxy Grace would also like you to let us know about the kindest thing someone has ever done for you by emailing us a note that describes your experience.

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Even the simplest act of kindness can make a real difference.

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